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What makes a good porn for women photo ?

What IS porn for women? How do you define a good porn photo that women will enjoy? The answer could easily vary depending upon which woman you asked. Female tastes cover a wide spectrum, not only across the broad range of naked men photos, but also into the realm of couples photos. Every woman is different, and what turns a woman on can differ greatly depending on who she is, and what kind of erotica she likes.

Nonetheless, it's possible to pinpoint a number of aspects of women's porn photos that tend to be similar.

When it comes to naked men, the golden rule is that the photos not be obviously intended for a gay audience. "Open bum" shots are the most apparent symptom of this; most women aren't that keen on seeing hairy anus pictures. After that, the physique, race or look of a man aren't that important, as long as he seems to have some kind of personality. Some women like looking at muscle-bound hunks; others enjoy photos of thin, white amateur guys. The most important thing is whether he is smiling, or has a sexy expression on his face. He must not have a look of disdain or conceit.

When it comes to couples photos, the pleasure of the woman is paramount. This is often why women are disappointed with mainstream pornography: it may treat the woman as a mere conduit for the male orgasm. In porn for women photos, the female partner must have her needs met; she must be seen to be enjoying the experience. That's not to say the man can't have fun too. For many, the best porn for women pictures feature couples who look as though they're having the time of their lives together, enjoying each other's bodies and sharing intimacy. Any kind of emotional connection helps.

Couples photos also need to embody a natural progression. Mainstream porn usually doesn't feature any form of foreplay, or aspects of the lead-up to sex, such as kissing or hugging. Women want to see the full panorama of sex, from the first moments through to afterglow. Context is also important; there has to be a reason for these people to have sex. Thus, the situation in which the photos are taken is important. It can be an everyday or a fantasy setting. Indeed, photos that cater to common women's fantasies, such as sex with a stranger, or a man in uniform, are always winners. A touch of romance can do wonders.

Women's porn pictures also don't have a lot of time for the "money shot" (photos of semen or male orgasm), mainly because it's proof of male orgasm, which isn't the top priority.

Another important thing that porn photos for women need to avoid is the way female models often look at the camera during sex. This tends to destroy the voyeur fantasy of watching two people getting it on. If she's looking at you, she's not enjoying herself.

Porn for women pictures don't necessarily have to be softcore and romantic like they are on this site. Women are just as keen on hardcore sex as men. But again, the same rules apply.

The photos I've used on this site tend to follow all these rules. What's more, I've personally found them appealing, so they may well be enjoyed by other women as well.

I feel I should add that porn for women is a force for good in the adult industry. The content is often less "offensive" to those who would censor, and it puts paid to the idea that porn is all about men exploiting women. Hopefully in the future we'll see more erotica and porn that follows the above rules appearing on mainstream sites - who's to say that photos showing intimacy, romance, kissing, foreplay, context and female pleasure aren't suited to men?

We can live in hope.

- Kayel, Webmistress.

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